The Security State

    Although this topic is not usually in the interest of the author, it is clear from the revelations of the past few years from NSA, whistleblowers and from several years back from Wikileaks, the security state is out of control and threatens to take a primary role over the democracy we are supposed to be.   In the hearts of the People lie the true spirit of the country.   In the People lies the salvation of the US and the World.  Currently, the public sphere and the individual is under attack on every level.  And it seems the telling time for eternal vigilance is here once again.   Edward Snowden is, quite literally, the only hero of our times.  He has revealed the extent to which the Democracy has been subverted.    The revelations since that time have only given the nation more to think about the secretive, almost Panopticon-like mechanisms, of the security state that have been put into place over decades and are reaching a critical state currently under the lack of vigilant gaze of the American public.  The wolves are at the gate and even inside the sheep's pen without the alarm being sounded for the most part.  The guardians of the public welfare are for the most part silent and even asleep at their posts.  The People are waiting for an individual to break the stranglehold of the elite and the well camouflaged structures which they use to control the events and the people in the society.  The security state is a result of their fear and the resultant need for complete control of the world around them.  It is also a byproduct of Capitalism, or perhaps Capitalism is a byproduct of the mindset. (In any  case it is a useless system)  If the average individual tests this control grid, he or she will meet with much systemic resistance and lack of freedom, to put it mildly. Democracy is a bit of an illusion at this point in the history in the country.  We are at a time when the immediate future will show whether the people can wrest back their country, and so save it from the machinations of the power elite which threaten to destroy Democracy for the foreseeable future on this planet, or whether the People's innate will to freedom will be quashed in a way which will make the historical incinerations of the Nazis look a bit like a holiday campfire.  The stage is already set in its finality and it is much, much later than the vast majority of the populace realizes.  Our saving grace is that there may be forces waiting in the wings for the proper time to enter the battle.