The time for a People's Movement is nigh. The struggle of the People for their dignity, freedom, and future is well upon us. It would do not to be caught completely unaware. The escalation of attacks of various kinds in this country and worldwide seem to indicate a coordinated campaign on various levels. Best to keep that in mind. However, the revolution must continue on.  What must be done - a movement of many groups who have not been already co-opted.  Occupy suffered from this from the beginning. It was recognizable to those who are familiar with these things.  But, most people are not except for vague suspicions of infiltrators in their midst.  Witness the photographer for Martin Luther King and the civil rights movement- Ernest Withers.  Since that time, this type of enterprise has only grown in size and sophistication.  Especially after 9/11.   Almost as if by design. 

     But, to get back to the point of the People's movement, the revolution that is at hand.  The best way to push the revolution forward is to build a coalition that will force the Powers That Be to take the People seriously once more.   They do not currently.   The People are just a mass entity that are there  for the purposes of the aforementioned powers, to be manipulated and operated upon rather than seen as the core of Democracy that they rightfully should be.   

    The way forward to achieve the promise of the nation more fully is to fundamentally change Capitalism from the exploitative, immoral, and unsatisfactory system that it is currently to one that is much more supportive of life and democracy.  The way to do this is to build a coalition of the People, to educate them to the possibility that something much better and more in tune with their innate sense of fairness can exist in this world.  For once.  Utopia is achievable, in other words.  A coalition which is not only broad but deep.  Comprised of millions or billions of the dissatisfied.  God's people who already realize that the status quo is useless and cannot be sustained.  That the Call of the Age is to rebalance the world in such a way that the long-heralded Age of Peace can be ushered into existence on this planet.  And those who can be awakened to such a remembrance of what is possible for themselves, their country, and the world.  It is not only possible, it is time to bring all of Humanity, bar none, to such a reality.  

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