Vortex physics

    There is something quite wrong with the fundamentals of modern physics. Everything from the speed of light being a universal constant to the field's primarily materialist nature, to the lack of certain fundamental ideas such as consciousness and multiple dimensions (which James Clerk Maxwell even postulated back in 1873).  Physics seems to be a major hurdle in humanity's struggle for a realization of our true place in the Universe as well as balanced and free existence on this planet.  If the Universe is based on the materialistic principles, as it seems to be, then the life on this planet must mirror this principle.  If the physics is a grand and spiritual and elegant one based on consciousness and abundance, then life on this planet should mirror it, No?   It is a waymarker as to whether we are on the right track as a species.  If it takes billions of dollars and thousands of people to make the latest discovery, then the Universe must be a dreary, workaday, and hard universe which is not accessible to everyone, only to the select and fortunate few with the credentials and resources to make the discovery.  The time is ripe for a revolution in science as at other times when the power structure and bureaucracy of the world threatened to hold back humanity.   

     The link between economics and science must be broken by changing Capitalism (see economics section) and only then will physics be able to reassess itself by examining its  presently materialist fundamental assumptions and perhaps get back on the track of a true investigation of the universe.  Without hidden agendas and predetermined goals and not constrained by monetary concerns.

    A physics which does not include consciousness is probably completely on the wrong track.  Never mind Spirituality.  The rectilinear model of the universe must also be transformed to one of a vorticular, multidimensional, mystical reality.  The fact is that all of us are alive from day one as spiritual beings of the universe.  The material world is a veil which must be pulled back so that we can reaffirm the spiritual nature of this plane of existence.  We are alive because of consciousness and and as yet mysterious connection to a far greater physical and spiritual reality.  An investigation of this reality which leaves out the energy which makes humans alive and also makes us conscious is probably wrong in the main.  A much larger, more interesting physics awaits and is perhaps already in use.  Maxwell's ideas of 27 dimensions, consciousness, and overunity energy from the cosmos are a good place to start if not finish.  Apparently,  his widely known four EM equations originally were twenty in number.   But, of course, the Bankers were here as well, posthumously altering the work of the greatest physicist, excepting perhaps Nikola Tesla, to eliminate the idea of extra dimensions and reducing the number of equations down to four.  Where are these Bankers' mischievous hands not to be found?  Tesla, of course, was also hampered tremendously by his pecuniary association with J.P. Morgan. 

     Nathan Stubblefield's mysterious energy production from grounded plates, etc.  http://peswiki.com/index.ph/Directory:Nathan_Stubblefield.   

  The real reason we are stuck in this lagging condition as a species is because even this purportedly pure science of physics, from which all other science flows, seems to have been narrowed, robbed of much of its intrinsic mysticism, made into a field of drudgery of atomistic "particles" rather than one of intrinsically holistic wonder and a  structure of the universe which reflects and encourages that wonder and reveals the hand of God in every point of every dimension.  This may lie in the direction of the long neglected concept of the ether and pressure on/in the ether/fields. 

    For example, what is the energy of being?  What is the energy of existence?  Is it scalar energy?  Is it another type of energy which exists in other dimensions initially and only manifests in these dimensions? How is the energy and the essential information from those dimensions and relevant to the state of being transmitted to these dimensions? What are the structures of these other dimensions?  Are there spiritual filamentous structures which hold the firmament of the physical and actual heavens in place?  These questions will never be posed by the mainstream physicists, but are an essential part of the reality of the universe.


    Exact number of dimensions may be between 27 to 52 to 104 to infinite.





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