The field of neuroscience also suffers from a surfeit of materialism. In this aspect it is no different from the rest of western science which is based on dissection while forgetting the holistic outlining framework. However, one cannot understand anything correctly without the correct framework of understanding to place it into the proper perspective and historical place. Specifically, in neuroscience, there must be a place for consciousness.  The materialist paradigm of neurons in the correct number and type leading to or producing consciousness is probably not the correct model.  There may be rudimentary consciousness in such circuit arrangements since it appears consciousness is a basic aspect of the universe, but it will not be a fully human consciousness and probably not aware of its divine origins.  But, again, since the entire universe is conscious, as children and certain fortunate adults remember, even a clone is conscious to a degree.   So, the question remains open as to why a physical, biological mental framework is needed at all for consciousness to manifest within a human framework.  In other words, what is the purpose of the brain?  If consciousness is already an aspect of the universe, then why does the physical brain exist?  Why cannot we purportedly think without the brain?  The answer probably tends to the metaphysical realms.  As well as propaganda perhaps of the scientific methodology and data that have been gathered till now.   If one is not anchored in these dimensions, then the psychophysics or metaphysics will be different.  

       The real question is how is consciousness anchored within the human body?  The soul is the true vehicle of consciousness.  Light comprising the soul and perhaps matter itself is the real mystery.  And how does the psychophysical information interact and flow from one dimension to the other?  Microtubules seem to be involved in this.  Since anesthesia during surgery somehow affects consciousness, it is obvious there is a psychophysical/psychospiritual mechanism involved.  However, what the exact mechanism is is the question.  And where does it occur within the body?  Thee location of the interaction between the soul and the body may be the heart itself.  There are theories which say that anesthesia affects the heart on an energetic level - and intimate that this is the seat of the soul ultimeately.  It is not just neurons firing in a pattern approximating life. There is an interdimensional linkage which allows the transfer of information from these dimensions to the one(s) in which consciousness resides.  In other words, transferring information from the soul to the brain/body and in reverse. This involves the concept of multiple dimensions - somewhere between 27-144, information transfer from this reality to others, and the inclusion of the idea of spirituality, which has held the idea of other dimensions first.  Therefore, the idea of spirituality and God must be seen as the source.  How to prove this is the question.  One must show that there is a divinity behind all.  This is the direction that science and neuroscience must tend towards.  Anything less than this oppositional attack to the current paradigm will lead humanity further down the materialist path and nihilism, ultimately.  The problem is that materialism has been so inculcated into the mindset of humanity for so long that it is difficult to conceive of anything else.  Everything from the economic system to the science of physics to the destruction of religion has led and can only lead to the idea that the material world is the paramount and only reality possible during one's lifetime. 

     The fundamental structure of microtubules - the main conclusion from the idea of microtubules is that there is a mystical aspect of reality which is fundamental to and unknown to the materialist scientists.   The spiritual dimensions communicate with the material world and yet we do not know how.  The physics framework which is currently in use is inadequate to the investigative task at hand.  It has been pared down to the minimalist construct of four dimensions, which automatically rules out the idea of consciousness for all  practical  purposes.     

     The problem deals with the nature of being rather than doing.  One requires a new mode of looking at the universe, where spiritual existence itself is the goal  and the source.  Not the work done by existing or that is required to exist, but, the fact of existing itself is a fundamental aspect of the universe itself.   Without existing there is no point forward from that, therefore there is no work to do to keep the universe functioning.  The starting point is being.  Therefore, there must be a state of being.  The question becomes what are the aspects of that from a physics point of view?  And how is that state manifested and what are the psychophysical characteristics of these dimensions? 

     Specific to microtubules, the real question becomes what is the anchoring mechanism as well as the information transferring mechanism? The anchoring mechanism for the soul/energy and the method by which information is transferred from these dimensions to others and vice-versa.  How is it accomplished?  What is the nature of the transfer and how does it happen?  Answering this question would directly lead to the reality of other dimensions.  Which type of mathematics would be sufficient for this task?  A kind of sacred geometry?  It seems to be appropriate.  

    In 1907, Dr. Duncan MacDougall of Haverhill, Massachusetts, decided to weigh the soul by weighing a human being after death.  After mortality, the body lost 6 ounces due to unknown reasons (not fluid loss).  This could be attributable to the loosing of the soul from its moorings in the  body perhaps.  What are the moorings and how is the information transferred is the main question.    
 -  the paper which mentions Dr. Haverhill's attempts to ascertain the existence of the soul by weighing the body before and after death. 


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