It is also rather obvious that something is rather terribly wrong with Medicine and Science in general. This stems back to an economic system which makes the pursuit of profit more important than actually healing people of illness.  Western medicine is rather good in emergency situations in which survival is at stake.  Most of the time.  However, when dealing with the concept and practice of keeping the people healthy during their lives in a steady, stable fashion rather than crisis fashion, it fails miserably and turns us all into disempowered consumers rather than self-balancing participants in our health and the universe.  The two are ultimately related.  It is essentially what we are.  

     The great problem with both Science and Medicine is the present attitude of dissection without holism when the proper attitude should be within holism.  In other words, one must remember to put the pieces back together once they are taken apart in order to be understood.  After all, we are still not separate from Nature.  As the dictum states, "We must understand Nature before we can adapt its way of working to our needs." (Viktor Schauberger) or perhaps further back to Francis Bacon's dictum that Man is part of Nature and cannot separate his understanding from it.  The essential point being that man must understand Nature, which includes himself, in a holistic sense before attempting to use it for his own needs.  As a culture in the West and now infecting the rest of the World, is the arrogant and rather ignorant attitude, so much so that it is unspoken, that mankind is not interested in the rest of nature but only in progress as defined by his own needs rather than the needs of the larger system and  consciousness of which he is a part.  The rest of the world sees the tremendous folly in this shortsighted and human-centric view, but the Westerners do not.  They only see their achievements and the promise of greater control over their immediate physical circumstances, never mind the rather certain promise of horrific long-term consequences for the planet and therefore the species as a whole.  This includes the fields of genetics, engineering, energy, agriculture, medicine, and physics.  Economics is worst among this for it needlessly dictates such a self-interested, narrow way of thinking and living.  Perhaps it can be stated simply and most completely that Man knows best and is now above Nature rather than is still a steward of nature.  We have forgotten as a species, particularly in the West, what knowledge is needed  to steward the land, to commune with the land and those around us, and even ourselves.  Silence is verboten.  In its place, you have facile distraction.  Without understanding Nature's web of interconnections, one cannot seek to engineer life, as many are trying to do, without placing oneself in dangerous straits.  Nature is self-recovering, as is the human body. but it is the fuller role of Man to take care of those and that which is around him without placing all under his care under undue harm.  It is also a matter of survival, as Nature does not hesitate to reverse the same forces upon those who unleash them.  It is mainly a matter of luck, or delayed consequence amplified by our ignorance and inattention to it, that we have escaped tremendous worldwide calamity.  We do not have the wisdom to tinker with the foundations of the web of life which we are prematurely claiming domain over.  Without understanding, we hurtle blindly forward, hoping because there have been no great disasters yet, that we can convince ourselves we know enough to steer through the coming shoals of  trials and tribulations.  Wisdom has never been a domain of Western culture.  At least not for a very long time.  The systems and culture just do not support it presently.  It is, ironically enough, a more common thing in the less developed areas of the world, where the connections between things have not been forgotten and much wider and longer views are still taken.  However, there is still a wisdom inherent in the American People, to save themselves at least.

      To return to Medicine, it is clear when the wider perspective is taken, that the US population is one of the most unhealthy on the face of the planet.  This is despite the so called advanced state of the medical profession.   However, this is due to a fundamental misunderstanding of the nature of the scientific theory underlying allopathic medicine and the history of medicine.  It turns out that the basic idea of the germ theory of disease is most likely the wrong one.  Louis Pasteur, on his deathbed, recanted his own theory, and proclaimed his scientific rival's theory, one Antoine Bechamp,  the correct one.  This includes the idea of pleiomorphism as well.  In other words, physicians do not heal because the theory on which they based their knowledge is the wrong one.  This is the wrong way to go about having a successful healing practice, of course.  So not only are bacteria not the primary single cause of disease, the holistic view of keeping the body in a balanced nutritional state and clean of toxins is the correct one.  Germs will not form in such a state from normal cells.  Under the theory of pleiomorphism, they will undergo this transformation given the correct or incorrect environment.  This depends primarily upon the pH of the surrounding cells and tissues. 

     Because of these related errors, there is no real reason for Western medicine to work in curing illness. This explains the ridiculously low cancer cure rates, and the tendency to turn everything into a chronic illness rather than a successfully treated illness.  Management of chronic health conditions is not the same as helping the patient to cure himself by isolating the cause of the illness within a holistic framework. Drugs rarely play a long-term positive role in this method of treatment as they are usually toxic in manufacture and useless in promoting positive health over the long term.  Much of the corpus of "scientific evidence"  on which the average practitioner of western medicine bases his practice turns out to be much less than scientific once all the conflicts of interest and lack of rigorousness are taken into account.  Also, it is necessary to remember to do no harm as Hippocrates established.  Science which has been corrupted on this scale is hard to imagine and yet it is a reality.  It makes one wonder what else is also false in the accepted canon of human knowledge.  It turns out very little else is true once one looks at the fundamentals of all fields.  But, it certainly has been made to seem true.  In any case, the medical paradigm is quite ripe for a reassessment and a course correction back to a paradigm and practice of healing rather than ineffective and dangerous treatment with toxic pharmaceuticals and always harmful surgery.  Nutrition and a clean internal body environment are the key elements to healing,  along with a healthy ability to handle stress.  All conditions are  curable without resorting to high tech invasive procedures.   To give some idea of the scale of overproduction in the health industry, it would be useful to project the amount of hospital visits would be reduced by approximately 95% if the underlying causes of sickness were taken care of.  In other words, if toxicity as a lifestyle and as a way of nutrition were removed.  Dealing with fundamental causes is a powerful way of removing the effects or symptoms of the underlying imbalance.

     Again, the philosophy is the same - cure the patient by trusting the wisdom of the body rather than interfering needlessly when our arrogance oversteps our comprehension.  Drugs, surgery, radiation, chemotherapy - These are all toxic (often deadly) modes of treatment based on the philosophically erroneous idea that the dose of the poison is what makes it toxic.  A poison is detrimental to the health of the patient, by definition.  A medicine cures illness.  These are polar opposites.  It is incredible that they are now seen as indistinguishable.  At this point, most of allopathic modes of medicine is toxic to the patient.  Even people who seemingly get better often bear scars and remnants of which they are usually not aware.  Unless they go to a spiritual healer such as a Barbara Brennan healer or someone who is innately sensitive to spiritual energy, which is where the immaterial remnants are usually to be found, later to manifest once again in the material dimensions.  The first dictum of medicine is to do no harm.  When almost every method of healing the patient is toxic to them, even basic diagnostic tests, then the whole field is probably misguided philosophically.  Most physicians are, of course, not intent on harming their patients to heal them.  It is just that their education is so intensively technologically based rather than naturally based, bypassing the innate wisdom of the body.  The modern medical school curriculum (since the 1921 Rockefeller-commissioned Abraham Flexner report) is based on the idea that man's knowledge and "progress" are better than Nature's inherent knowledge and wisdom, when, of course, they are not.  One only has to walk into any major hospital and ask a basic question - "For this particular condition, what is your complete cure rate?  More generally, for all conditions, what is the complete cure rate?"  Of course, the numbers would not be given easily because they would be so dismal, especially over time, and would hurt the commercial aspect of the institution, which is an undeniably fundamental aspect of its existence within Capitalism.  It is a systemic problem.  Everyone is in the same situation and wishes not to be singled out for a trait which everyone shares.  Albeit implicitly and quietly.

     Below are given some basic solutions and health practices which would reduce the number of hospital visits by boosting the general health of the nation's populace.  Very inexpensive and very effective for most conditions.  Food grade hydrogen peroxide and Vitamin C.  Daily intake of both.  Anywhere from 3 to 20 (or more) drops of the former in purified water several times a day and several times the RDA of the latter daily.  Perhaps 4-6 grams or more per day.  Linus Pauling.  These two practices will increase the health of anyone tremendously without any side effects whatsoever.  Especially if one uses the far more complete and potent natural form of Vitamin C  rather than ascorbic acid, the pharmaceutical "equivalent".   Health is simple and inexpensive.  Hippocrates knew this several millenia ago, but the system has managed to obscure the fundamental truth of the statement.  The current state of it can be traced to the economic system and other motives.  Below, in the footnotes, are some websites which would be useful for anyone interested in maintaining or improving health.  There is also a product called Ocean's Alive (marine phytoplankton) which is quite good.    Most Americans seem to have an energy or health level of 70-80%.  The  average Amazon native seems to be anywhere from 80 to 90%.   The numbers speak for themselves.  These three items taken in concert may be a bit redundant but will be quite powerful in their effects and I daresay would alleviate any illness and improve one's health tremendously.  Especially if the hydrogen peroxide is done intravenously.

     Also important, the RDA  (Recommended Daily Allowance) is not the full nutrition that an individual needs to live an optimal life, it is merely the minimal amount that one needs to survive.  It is based on a hospital population and the basic nutrition needed to keep the patients alive.  The real amount that one needs to live a nutritionally optimal and therefore healthy life is given in the 15 year long SONA study - (Study of Optimal Nutritional Allowance) funded by the US Government.   A good summary of the issue is given here -  .  The fact that this is not widely known and the RDA or RDI (currently) is still the standard shows how much valid information is not given to the public.  If one wishes to understand how badly the medical system has been taken over by business interests, one only has to delve into Eustace Mullins' (the protege of the Nobel-prizewinning poet and teacher of four other Nobelists, Ezra Pound) research into chemotherapy and radiation treatments of cancer and the beginning of their use on the website  -  Business, not medicine.  Or, one can look with an unbiased eye at the fact that oncologists are literally profitmakers on their patients' illnesses at this point.  The economics are the reverse of what they should be, profit from illness rather than health.   If you happen to have an illness or poor health, you should start reading and start rebalancing the nutrition of your body with good supplements as well as removing toxins from the body.  Good digestion is the key to good health.  An excellent  chiropractor is also worth their weight in unnecessary hospital bills.  A good book to start with is Dr. David Brownstein's book on the importance of natural (sea) salt.  Another book which gets to the fundamental issue of what is important in health is Henry Bieler's "Food is Your Best Medicine."  For those still dealing with a disbelief about the ineffectiveness of allopathic medicine, please take a look at the history of the common cold circa 1921.  The mode of infection and the cure was devised by one Richard Simmons, MD.  An American doctor.  One can read more about this here -  It should give one an idea of how simple health really is.   If one needs even more evidence that nutrition is the key to health and that the body can last many decades in such a state of health which allows full activity- one can go to a paper called "How the Mid-Victorians Ate, Worked, and Died" by Paul Clayton and Judith Rowbotham - ( .  This single series of three papers debunks 90% of the modern healthcare industry and leaves no room for dispute.  This generation of Englishmen (ca. 1850-1880) ate 5,000 calories a day, shoveled 20 tons of soil in 8 hours, and suffered only 10% of the diseases we have today.  They also lived as long or longer than we do today once they got past infancy (5 years of age).  The key was the 1000% (10x) difference in the amount of micronutrients and phytonutrients that they absorbed in their hypercaloric diets.  Obesity was a rare thing except for the upper classes because of the combination of a more sedentary lifestyle and a richer diet.  This golden age of health for the common man due to the intersection of economics and nutritious agriculture lasted only from 1850 to 1880.  By 1900, the robust health of the Englishman was no longer capable of such feats in daily life, mainly due to the onset of industrialized food processing practices and the consequent tremendous loss of nutrition in the food supply.  It is often overlooked that the vitality of the people of the society is also a victim of this hollowing out of the food supply.  This is similar to the results from the Pottenger study with cats where a diet of raw meat and processed milk completely destroyed the cats' health and ability to reproduce within four generations.  This is all one needs to know, really.  Everything else is merely obfuscation and window dressing under the rubric of profitmaking. 

    As an aside, the topics of brain diseases such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and others can be summarized with one word - malnutrition of the brain.  Nothing more than that.  Feed the brain the Omega 3,6, and 9 essential fatty acids it needs and it will build itself up again.  To cut, slash, and burn without even trying a nutritional remedy first is sheer foolhardiness. 

   Every health problem has a correct solution.  


 Websites that are useful for health, "The Lost History of Medicine" - Pasteur and the Germ Theory of Disease

The Farce of Pasteur - Ethel Hume's book from the 1920's. - An online treasure trove of downloadable health and agricultural classics. - Life Extension Foundation, a good place to start.  Has a toll-free telephone answer line staffed by naturopaths, MD's, herbalists, etc. - A site with good quality information about health, though it has gone a little overboard in some respects. Videos, research papers, articles written by practitioners, individuals. - Dr. Cousens runs the Tree of Life Diabetes Center and is an advocate of the holistic lifestyle.  He can also do over 600 pushups at the age of 70.  This is far more than he was able to do as a championship winning collegiate quarterback when he was 21 for Boston College. - Gary Null is a gadfly on the medical profession and a healer in his own right. He used to have a program on PBS, and currently has a daily radio show on the The dentist from the 20's who traveled around the world studying native tribes and their excellent dental health due to lack of  processed foods. - site with good health information and products. - Dr. Brad Case, author of "Thugs, Drugs, and the War on Bugs." - Dr. Tim O' Shea, a very scientific chiropractor - Dr. Abram Hoffer, psychiatrist, who advocates vitamin and nutrient remedies. - "The Man Who Should Be Dead" - Bill Sardi - Passed recently, the author of Cancer is Not  A Disease. - user powered health solutions center - Wil Spencer, works with soil organisms and the electricity of the body. - Doug Kauffman - candida yeast specialist - a site which focuses on suppressed information, a step beyond . - Dr. Jonathan Wright, Harvard trained physician - one of the better sites dealing with causes of cancer and how to cure it. - one of the btter sites on cancer remedies. - Hesh Goldstein - another septuagenarian who windsurfs and advocates the use of organic sulfur. Hydrogen Peroxide is perhaps the least expensive health tonic.  It works on the dual principles of increasing oxygen within the body and killing bacteria. - "Vitamin C Conspiracy" - Eustace Mullins - watch all his videos, read his books. - the brilliant dentist who supposedly cured 50,000 people of cancer.  Was eventually hunted by the Powers That Be.  Perhaps a victim of gangstalking before his death in the 90's. - Passed recently - a follower of Dr. Kelley. - Ramiel Nagel- a concerned parent who researched enough to realize the true state of affairs in dentistry and wrote a book about achieving good dental health naturally. - One of the better sites dealing with dental health. - passed away, dentist who advocated the removal of mercury amalgams. - natural family physician. - healing with ozone infused products - healed her cancer in the 1900's by eating grass.  Literally. - a health guru and an advocate of juicing. - food combining - Wayne Pickering - another sexagenerian who does great feats of physical strength routinely, belying the accepted wisdom that age and decrepitude are correlated. - Dr. Leonard Horowitz - a very knowledgeable  healer and source of information about the reality of medicine and public health. - 100 percent success rate in curing back problems by correcting amino acid/protein metabolism.  Dr. Brice Vickery.

     Of special interest to those with cardiac problems might be the information about Dr. Lester Morrison's research into chondroitin sulfate - .  It is, quite literally, the correct solution for heart problems since it returns the damaged heart muscle back to a completely rejuvenated state.  Heart and blood vessels as well.   Heart and Body Extract (  is also useful in situations having to do with circulation problems - stroke and cardiac issues.   Strauss Heart drops also are also another option - - now defunct - shut down by the FDA because of glowing customer testimonials telling of seeming cures for difficult health conditions in 2014 after several years of harassment, delay, and raids by the FDA, the branch of the government theoretically tasked with safeguarding the  public's health.  In addition, at least six alternative practitioners have died in the last several months.  A bit similar to the rumors/fact that many scientists/biochemists have passed away under suspicious circumstances since we entered this era of heightened awareness fifteen years ago.  But, perhaps the war has been going on for centuries, only now has it reaches an end stage and has therefore become more obvious.   

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