Mathematics as a body of knowledge has long maintained that it is a pure field.  Even more than physics, perhaps.  Unadulterated.  And, yet, we find evidence that this may stem from a lack of historical introspection rather than fact.  If one looks around  Nature, one realizes that there is very little in Nature that is linear. Rather, it seems to be all non-linear, curved, circular, irregularly shaped.  And, yet the basis of mathematics, philosophically speaking, is linear. Euclidean geometry is nothing if not based on linear conception.  Calculus is also a linear tool.  In other words, why is it that our modern tools lack a sympathy with observable Nature when it is obvious that Nature is essentially non-linear.  Modern Man has created an essentially linear world.  But, Nature is not.  How is this kind of glaring disconnect even possible on such a scale?  Is our Mathematics even relevant?  Is it really a valid body of knowledge when the fundamental thing which it is used to study/analyze/describe is obviously so fundamentally different? What is going on here? Mathematics divorced from reality or nature (albeit multidimensional) cannot be said to be fully valid.  At best, it is a mathematics looking to remake Nature and reality in Man's image. when it should be essentially seeking to investigate and map reality.  Something very strange has happened in the history of mathematics.  Even the greatest mathematicians seem to have overlooked that Nature was there before Man, and that any attempt to divorce Man from this relationship has always ended in disaster.  Man may be steward of Nature at a certain point of his development, but we are certainly far from that and much closer to the opposite pole, seeking to remake Nature according to one's wishes, rather than obeying its dictates.  One is wise, the other is not.  And, of course, there is no connection to spirituality in mathematics at all, either.  These two incredibly glaring errors may be due to Man's ego, a constant battle, or something else.  The point still is that the mathematics currently accepted today is probably wrong, in the main. 

   Rather, one might look to a different conception that is based on Nature's obvious use of nonlinearity to put mathematics back on a more real footing.  And, it must include spirituality.  Anything less is just not accurate and is a human construct rather than a true method of or pathway to investigate or describe the Universe. Our math currently is a direct reflection of our consciousness, or lack thereof.  Mankind has perhaps been at a greater level of consciousness in the past.  Or at least certain individuals have.  There also seems to be a certain period in history in which much of the knowledge (be it esoteric, occult, and of a qualitatively different type and power) has been lost.  Humanity has suffered tremendously as a result.  Aristotle, Spirituality and sacred geometry must all be part of this corrected mathematics.   

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