What Is Going On?

The national and world events of the last six months or so have gotten increasingly unusual/bizarre. Whatever the given reasons/mundane reasons for these news stories, it seems rather clear that the cycle of rebalancing/destruction has begun.   Planes literally falling out of the sky,  trains running into vehicles, bizarre crimes happening at an accelerated rate, US threatening war against some phantom muslim group  which no one had heard of before last year, etc., etc.  The largest outbreak of Ebola in history, and now the reemergence of measles in the U.S.  Something unusually disruptive is afoot.   The weather is getting rather historically unusual large snows.  It is time to gather one's household and keep a watchful eye on things.  Events are literally getting more and more unusual from day to day.  But, hopefully it is clear to those who know how things are done, that so far this revolution is being managed by entities other than the public.  These cell phone recordings of out-of-control police officers are literally appearing on cue, on demand.  People have had cell phones with video for a long time, yet only now are they appearing. All at the same time.  Might these incidents be arranged in some fashion?  The best way to manage a revolution is to be in control of it, after all.   Create crises and  then offer solutions which are not really the proper ones, but will offer a way out of the crisis, no matter the long term cost.  A special kudos should be sent out to the (news/entertainment) industry, which has completely given the role of real analysis to someone else.  God knows whom.  Not a single word devoted to linking the seismic events together in a comprehensive way, or even remarking on the unusualness of the various incidents.  It appears to be Capitalism all the way down.  Do not bite the hand that feeds you.  The news industry has been so watered down over time that there is no watchman at the gate to sound the real alarm - the erosion of the world's decency.  Only a rote and always alarming or absurd literal recital of the newsprompter feed.   One wonders what Edward R. Murrow would have said in these circumstances.  Or even Phil Donahue, for that matter.  

        The  largely staged events of the past year in terms of shootings, is a technique which has been long in use by those who would pit the people against each other.  There is no need to fear each other.  It is only that sowing chaos and discord feeds the fear of the people and keeps them apart.    In terms of  mechanisms and in terms of systems and in terms of events meant to  keep people apart form their true nature of brotherhood   As we were meant to live.  Not as some would have us live.  If living is what it can be called in this age of chaos and destruction disguised as progress and democracy.   It is essential to keep this in mind.   The People are meant to live as brothers, not as strangers, riven apart by artificial means.  No matter the country, the society, or even planet.   There is a proper way for humans to live together; there is always a way for all life to live in peace.   

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